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Missouri Soybean Center Research Club

Soybean Research Club

The Soybean Research Club is an opportunity for researchers at all levels to present their work on any topic related to soybean to members of the Missouri Soybean Center and community at large. Presentations (30 to 40 minutes) are relatively informal, targeted to a broad audience, and a platform for discussion.

If there is continued interest, we will also schedule presentations for the 2021-2022 Soybean Research Club. If you are interested in presenting at a future club meeting, please email Kristin Bilyeu, steering committee chair, at or

All club meetings will be held 11 a.m. to noon on Fridays, and will be virtual meetings using Zoom. The Zoom meeting information will be posted below.

Past meetings

Friday, April 30

“The Soybean Allele Catalog Tool”
Dr. Kristin Bilyeu

Video recording of the April 30 presentation

Friday, March 26

“High Oleic Soy-based Fortified Foods”
Dr. Kiruba Krishnaswamy

Video recording of the March 26 presentation

Friday, Feb. 26

"ANSOY: An Alternative Blasting Agent"
Carolyn Katzman (Dr. Phillip Mulligan lab)

Video recording of the Feb. 26 presentation

Friday, Jan. 29

Kickoff Event
(5-minute flash talks followed by questions and discussion session)
Welcome: Gary Wheeler, MSMC/MSA;
"Fine mapping and candidate gene identification of a soybean seed protein/oil QTL from a wild soybean accession":
Yia Yang (Scaboo/Gilman lab);
"A new type of soybean with improved oil and meal traits":
Jeonghwa Kim (Bilyeu lab);
"Soybean resistance to southern root-knot nematode":
Caio Canella Vierira (Chen lab);
"QTLs on PI 90763 imparts SCN resistance against multiple SCN populations and its depoyment provides sustainable SCN management":
Pawan Basnet (Scaboo lab)

Video recording of the Jan. 29 presentation

Friday, Nov. 13

“GWAS to genes: Exploiting founder effects to facilitate candidate gene identification”
Nicholas Dietz (Bilyeu lab)

Friday, Oct. 16

“Intragastric gelation of mixed soy protein and fibers and its effect on postprandial sugar response”
Bongkosh (Jeab) Vardhanabhuti

Friday, Sept. 18

“Genetic mapping of soybean cyst nematode in a nested association mapping panel and evaluation of changes in nematode virulence in the presence of varying genetic plant resistance genes"
Pawan Basnet (Scaboo lab)